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Education in Slovenia

The Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (1991) stipulates freedom of choice in education and regulates fundamental rights in the area of education by determining that:

•    Education is free.
•    Compulsory basic education is the responsibility of the state.
•    The state must finance compulsory education with public funds.
•    It is the responsibility of the state to give its citizens the opportunity to obtain adequate education.

The state-wide official language of instruction is Slovenian. In the Hungarian-speaking area, bilingual instruction in Hungarian and Slovenian is compulsory. The Italian-speaking area hosts Italian secondary schools, where Slovenian is a compulsory subject, and Slovenian secondary schools, where Italian is a compulsory subject. There are also international schools (English and French). In higher education foreign language is possible alongside Slovene, or in parts of the programme where visiting professors are conducting lectures.

The majority of basic and upper secondary school pupils attend public schools (99 %), which are set up and funded entirely by the state and municipalities. Private schools, which are set up by private entities and provide education according to state-approved programmes, are subsidised by the state (the grant rate is approximately 85 %).

Higher education is offered by public or private universities and single higher education institutions. Universities and single faculties usually offer academic as well as professionally oriented courses, while professional colleges mainly offer professionally oriented courses. If a professional college meets the highest academic standards with regard to staff and resources, it may also be accredited to provide doctoral programmes; otherwise such programmes must be carried out and provided in co-operation with university or single faculty establishments.

Slovenia has two ministries dealing with education: Ministry of Education and Sport and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

The Ministry of Education and Sport is responsible for education and training in the pre-university environment, including higher vocational colleges. The ministries carry out most of the financial, administrative and expert tasks; develop concepts and strategies, legislation and regulations on the basis of experts’ opinions. The responsibility for tertiary education carries out the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The sectors which fall under its authority include: universities and single higher education institutions, student residences and tertiary education libraries.

For a better Slovene education system overview you should check a graphical guide.

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