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FAQ (scholarship money, student bonus, costs in Slovenia…)

1. How and when do I get the scholarship money?

After arrival and checking in at student dormitory, report to your mentor or/and contact person and ask them to contact CMEPIUS for your contract.


  • After your arrival you go to your mentor and/or contact person
  • They contact CMEPIUS and we send them your contract
  • You sign the contract (READ BEFORE YOU SIGN!)
  • When all 3 parties (you, the dean of your host institution and the director of CMEPIUS) sign the contract, CMEPIUS transfers the funds to your host institution.
  • With your copy of signed contract you can get the funds
  • Ask your mentor or contact person, where you can collect the funds
  • It usually takes 2 weeks to get  scholarship funds, so you have to have some

2. Student coupons?
Students coupons are sold at Student’s organizations, you must have your contract, Letter of award, personal ID (passport or ID card) and 2 photos.

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